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Enterprise Mineral and Royalty Services

We Purchase

In the United States, individuals can own mineral rights. Easily explained, mineral rights are interests in the dirt underneath the surface. So an individual can own minerals or inherit them and not even own the surface land.

Many times people we contact or work with are unaware that they own or have inherited these minerals.

If we have contacted you, we have done a cursory research of title and believe you own minerals. If you would like to discuss our offer or if we have not contacted you and you would like us to make an offer please feel free to contact us.

We Manage

For larger entities, the selling or brokering may not be enough. Some need to maximize the value and track their current portfolio. We utilize cutting edge technologies to track real time portfolio returns and also provide business intelligence on the data. With portfolio management, we can provide actionable data analytics and reporting so you can see the real value of your enterprise portfolio. The management tier service not only provides business intelligence, but also provides mapping, reporting, evaluation, planning, and chain of title.

If you have  minerals We can give you value



Allow us to maximize your and grow your portfolio. 

We have spent decades purchasing, evaluating, and maximizing return. Allow us to share that knowledge with you in growing your investments.


Mineral Evaluation

Are your minerals worth what you think they are? Know what your minerals are worth and if you can increase value.


Portfolio Planning

Do you have a minerals investment plan? Structure your portfolio according to your investment goals. Maximize the ROI and value of your portfolio.

Chain of Title

We specialize in cleaning up complicated title. This can allow entities to clear up any loose ends on their portfolio.


Are you showing the return on your minerals to your stakeholders? We utilize data science techniques to provide cutting edge data.


Where are your minerals? Allow us to use GIS software and cutting edge mapping tools so you know of surrounding activity and potential opportunities.



How are your minerals performing this moment? Real time reporting can allow for accurate assessment and reconciliation for accounting.

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